IBM Workplace Services Express

Get your teams and projects up and running, quickly


IBM Workplace Services Express provides an easy to install and use collaborative environment that runs on a single server. Users can create, edit, and share information and documents, whether they use Microsoft Windows, Linux, Microsoft Office, or a web browser. Workplace Services Express comes pre-loaded with ready-to-use team tools (portlets) and templates so people and teams can get results and make decisions, quickly. Built-in business instant messaging and a portal mean that it's a snap to extend collaboration to other people and business applications.

IBM Workplace Services Express makes it easy for you and your colleagues to work together by providing intuitive, adaptable work spaces for creating, editing, and sharing documents right from your Windows desktop, Microsoft Office application, or Web browser. Access to your e-mail, calendar and address book , integrated instant messaging, and access to your company's business applications is also provided. Because your entire work environment is stored on a single cost-efficient and easily supported server, you can interact with your documents and business applications while at work, from home, or from anywhere.

IBM Workplace Services Express comes with significant out-of-the-box functionality, including 12 ready-to-use team space templates that allow project teams and workgroups to get up and running quickly. It can be installed and configured in less than an hour and quickly customized using simple drag-and-drop techniques, speeding time to value. List templates enable people to create basic applications from existing data, also via drag-and-drop, without assistance from IT or application programmers

Simple: Simple to use, simple to deploy, drag and drop customization, familiar interface to Microsoft(R) Windows(R) users, single server, easy to customize, simple to manage, simple to provision team spaces and business applications, simple to create new team spaces, helps teams work together better and be more productive, self-service customization reduces IT burdens Quick: Quick install, quick and easy to use, ready to use out of the box, new team spaces up and running quickly with 12 ready-to-go team space templates and 17 simple-to-use collaborative List portlets, Quickly and easily customized to suit the needs of almost any team or project, lets business users be business users and not administrators, reduces burden on IT staff Cost-effective: Competitively priced, easy to administer, works on Windows and LinuxTM-based servers, supports Microsoft Windows and Linux access, works with what you have, helps extract more value from the information, intellectual property, and software you already have



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