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IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1.

Understanding, optimising, and managing any size network is easy with IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1. ITM 6.1 is the most comprehensive solution available for the oversight of diverse hardware and software in a distributed environment. It includes an intuitive graphical user interface that provides a fully visualized representation of your IT environment. You can observe the system-wide movement of processes and data, manage workflow patterns, and avoid costly downtime by identifying problems before they happen. Hundreds of integrated best-practices and action suggestions give you the power to correct most common problems with a simple button click. With ITM 6.1 you can help lower IT maintenance costs, maximize availability, and increase overall satisfaction by leveraging infrastructure investments. ITM 6.1 effectively manages heterogeneous environments that include a variety of hardware and software types.

ITM 6.1 can:

ITM 6.1 provides a true end-to-end solution that includes analysis from user points of view. A single operator can identify, diagnose, and repair problems at remote workstations without dispatching personnel. Advanced predictive analysis works from the user end to catch and prevent many problems before they have significant impact. ITM 6.1 can also capture and warehouse historical health and performance data, which can be easily compared to current measurements using the fully customisable GUI. Frugal resource usage and short deployment times means that ITM 6.1 gives you the information, power, and control that you need without disrupting your operations.

Chronic system problems arenít just frustrating, they result in higher IT infrastructure costs. Companies canít tell why the system slows down, the workflow pattern is never quite right, and their IT teams have to work long emergency hours to recover from every full-crash. Worse yet, declining service levels and diminished end-user availability mean the loss of future revenue opportunities. Unfortunately, such persistent issues are only symptoms of deeper problems. Without a proactive solution, the expenses will continue to grow as an infrastructure expands and diversifies. What you need is a way to truly see inside the system so you can identify and correct root causes before system problems cost you money.

Every organization is aware of the cost and difficulty of managing diverse, distributed hardware and software assets, yet effective management is essential to achieving mission objectives and supporting business-critical operations. Business moves faster in an on demand world. To keep up, companies invest many thousands of pounds in hardware infrastructure that becomes increasingly difficult to manage. You know that you need a solution to eliminate system chaos and ITM 6.1 is more powerful, offers more features, and supports more software and hardware than any other offering.

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