Continuous Data Protection: When Once a Day Is Not Enough

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Find out how the latest in advanced recovery solutions can ensure your business-critical data is protected 24/7.

Losing key business information can hamper your productivity, delay projects, divert your organization's resources and increase calls to the help desk. It can also harm your organization when faced with regulatory scrutiny. In fact, many businesses today are legally required to use formal data protection.

Companies today need better recovery point capabilities and sophisticated, policy-based data management that enables them to focus on data with the most business value.

Although most companies have implemented solutions for protecting enterprise data, data residing on workstations and laptops is often under protected—even though it amounts to 60 percent of all corporate data, according to some industry experts. The loss of this data can significantly impact productivity and viability.

We will show you how you can leverage Tivoli Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for Files to ensure your company is continually protected from file corruption or accidental deletion on laptops, desktop PCs and file servers.

Contact us to find out how Tivoli CDP for Files functions as a "data safety net" that provides real-time backup for important information, such as Word documents, MP3 files, digital photos, presentations, and spreadsheets containing sales and tax records.

We will show you how IBM Tivoli CDP for Files can help your company: Maximize backup resource utilization by reducing or eliminating backup times Optimise Recovery Point Objective by providing real-time back ups (when a failure occurs, recovery can restore the latest version) and by reducing loss of productivity due to data loss Improve Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by enabling fast recovery from disk—local or remote. Improve IT staff productivity, allowing end users to easily recover data without IT involvement

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